LUBExpert Essentials™

Our comprehensive body of knowledge is designed to help you Grease Bearings Right. Whether you are a Lube Tech, Lube Engineer, Lube Strategist, Reliability Engineer, or Reliability Leader, LUBExpert Essentials starts you on the journey to creating a world-class lubrication team.

LUBExpert Essentials™ is a two-part course consisting of 16 modules. In total, there are more than 20 hours of mentor-lead instruction, inter-modular quizzes, followed by an exam that, challenged successfully, awards you with your very own digital LUBExpert Essentials Badge.

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About Be a LUBExpert

We created this website to help you Grease Bearings Right.

Machinery lubrication remains the single biggest factor affecting asset reliability. Getting it right contributes to a long, trouble-free service life. But get it wrong, as so many do, and expect unplanned breakdowns, reactive firefighting, drained resources, and a culture of unreliability.

There are two sides to the “Be a LUBExpert” site;

SDT’s LUBExpert Body of Knowledge

Here you will find white papers, success stories, tips, advice, videos, blogs, and solutions. There is even an “ask a LUBExpert” (coming soon) area where you can pose your own questions to our LUBExpert mentors.

LUBExpert Essentials™ Training Program

Welcome to the most comprehensive web-based training for ultrasound assisted lubrication available. LUBExpert Essentials™ is a two-part course consisting of 16 modules. In total, there are more than 20 hours of mentor-lead instruction, inter-modular quizzes, followed by an exam and a digital LUBExpert Essentials Badge.

  • Part 1 consists of theoretical and foundational knowledge about ultrasound applied to acoustic lubrication principles.
  • Part 2 addresses implementation and strategy knowledge required to structure a world-class, acoustic lubrication program centered around the LUBExpert brain.

Part 1 – Theoretical and Foundational Knowledge
Bob Lees, CMRP, CRL, CAT3 VIB, UT CAT1 and CAT2, corporate instructor and mentor.

Get ready to embark on an ultrasound journey with Precision Lubrication the destination. Bob Lees combines 43 years’ experience in the pulp and paper industry with his skills as a certified adult instructor.

Learn about grease, why we need it, how grease ages, and the very best practices for replenishing a bearing’s lubrication mechanism through condition-driven feedback.

Understand the FMEA’s of lubrication and how ultrasound is your best chance to grease bearings right.

Part 2 – Implementation Knowledge and Strategy Development
Haris Trobradovič, CRL, ARP, MLA1, UA CAT1, UT L2, Corporate Instructor and Mentor.

Part 2 of LUBExpert Essentials will transform the way you view machinery lubrication. Haris delivers implementation and strategy knowledge from the perspective of a personal trainer.

Greasing bearings is more than just reducing friction. It is about creating a culture that aligns your lube team to your organization’s business targets. A lubrication strategist connects the dots between routine maintenance tasks and higher throughput that leads to exceptional bottom line profit growth.

Understand the power of artificial intelligence built into LUBExpert and UAS2. Discover how data-driven results can steer your greasing strategy to victory. Overcome the challenges that threaten success by facing them head-on.

Why Grease Machines

We’ve been using lubricants to fight friction for more than 4000 years. Born out of practical necessity, it helps machines function with less effort and energy. Grease, and more specifically oil, helps create separation between opposing wear surfaces producing beneficial friction levels and moderate operating temperatures. When applied optimally, and for the duration of the asset’s life, our machines can enjoy a life cycle that stretches far longer than the original engineered specification.

Machinery lubrication is a deeply complex science best carried out by trained personnel.

Lube Technician Moving Toward Extinction?

There was a time not too long ago, when machinery lubrication was a job performed by experts; By a person – or a team of people – who understood every asset in the complex and the effects lubrication had for each machine. The “Lube Technician” was arguably the most important contributor to reliability.

Lube techs, with their finger on the pulse of the plant, administered the oily “life blood” which flowed through its veins. They understood what happened when this task was performed poorly. They knew that without control and discipline, the chance to imbue precision results was scant. To get the most life possible from a machine they knew they had to “Grease Bearings Right”.

Gradually these experts are disappearing. Some retired and were not replaced. Others were promoted or moved to different areas of maintenance. Sadly, their knowledge wasn’t passed down to new generations. And for one reason or another, the job of lube technician lost its lustre.

Today, in many industries, the lube-tech is viewed as a low-wage job to be performed by untrained personnel. The moniker of “Grease Monkey” is often used to further tarnish this discipline. Is the expertise of the lube tech at risk of becoming extinct?

This couldn’t be more wrong. SDT views the lube tech as an authority. Properly trained, lube techs have the potential to transform asset reliability. Not only do they ensure that machines are kept in good working order, but when something is not quite right, they are the first to know and report on it.

Why "Be A LUBExpert"?

Grease guns don’t kill bearings… people kill bearings. A lube-technician without knowledge and experience can inflict terrible, irreversible carnage on a machine with just one pull of the grease gun trigger. And like a tube of toothpaste, once squeezed there’s no pushing it back inside.

People become trained LUBExperts because they are passionate about doing things the right way. It’s a constant pursuit of elusive perfection. The path to precision bearing lubrication is not always clear but a LUBExpert anticipates barriers, navigates them, and refuses to settle for shortcuts.

Traits of a LUBExpert

  • Understands the differences between time-based and condition-driven grease regimes.
  • Views machinery lubrication as a precise science.
  • Documents every action with justification why.
  • Has successfully completed LUBExpert Essentials Part 1 and 2.
  • Identifies challenges and faces them head-on rather than avoiding them.
  • Knows that nothing works without a strategy, driven by data.

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