LUBExpert Essentials™

Our comprehensive body of knowledge is designed to help you Grease Bearings Right. Whether you are a Lube Tech, Lube Engineer, Lube Strategist, Reliability Engineer, or Reliability Leader, LUBExpert Essentials starts you on the journey to creating a world-class lubrication team.

LUBExpert Essentials™ is a two-part course consisting of 16 modules. In total, there are more than 20 hours of mentor-lead instruction, inter-modular quizzes, followed by an exam that, challenged successfully, awards you with your very own digital LUBExpert Essentials Badge.

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Be a LUBExpert!

We created this website to help you Grease Bearings Right.

Machinery lubrication remains the single biggest factor affecting asset reliability. Getting it right contributes to a long, trouble-free service life. But get it wrong, as so many do, and expect unplanned breakdowns, reactive firefighting, drained resources, and a culture of unreliability.

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SDT Ultrasound Solutions LUBExpert

LUBExpert is a solution engineered to help grease bearings right.

Strategy driven with artificial intelligence gathered from greasing tens of thousands of bearings, LUBExpert is a condition-based solution that thinks with you and thinks for you.

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Why “Be A LUBExpert”?

Grease guns don’t kill bearings… people kill bearings. A lube-technician without knowledge and experience can inflict terrible, irreversible carnage on a machine with just one pull of the grease gun trigger. And like a tube of toothpaste, once squeezed there’s no pushing it back inside.

People become trained LUBExperts because they are passionate about doing things the right way. It’s a constant pursuit of elusive perfection. The path to precision bearing lubrication is not always clear but a LUBExpert anticipates barriers, navigates them, and refuses to settle for shortcuts.

Traits of a LUBExpert

  • Understands the differences between time-based and condition-driven grease regimes.
  • Views machinery lubrication as a precise science.
  • Documents every action with justification why.
  • Instills discipline and control in every element of their work.
  • Has successfully completed LUBExpert Essentials Part 1 and 2.
  • Identifies challenges and faces them head-on rather than avoiding them.
  • Knows that nothing works without a strategy, driven by data.

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Lubrication Contamination

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Avoid These Three Common Bearing Greasing Mistakes

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