Six Signs your Bearing Lubrication Program is on Track

With any luck, the necessary parts for repair will be in stock, but that isn’t always the case. Seeing how most lubrication related failures are unplanned, there’s a chance repair parts won’t be on hand. The longer the downtime persists, the more money will be lost due to this failure that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

At SDT Ultrasound Solutions, we take pride in the lubrication programs we’ve helped turn down the path of success. Through our training, technology, and services we’ve helped plant personnel across the globe grease millions of bearings right. After being turned down the path of bearing lubrication excellence you will notice several noticeable differences. The following are 6 signs your bearing lubrication program is on track.

1.  A Change in the Quantity of Bearing Lubricant Consumed

Maintenance departments track their grease consumption to monitor and control costs. A change in consumption is a sure sign that your bearing lubrication program is on the right track.

If your organization was prone to over-lubrication, there's a good chance grease consumption will drop. Bad procedures lead to bearings routinely receiving more lubricant than they're designed to handle. The excess ends up being pushed into the motor casing or purged onto the floor.

Over lubrication happens when re-greasing intervals are scheduled based on time instead of condition. Control lubrication tasks with ultrasound to monitor condition and maintain optimal friction. The time between greasing intervals increases, resulting in less grease used per bearing.

Do you track failures and perform root cause analysis? >

Organizations with optimized bearing lubrication programs experience fewer lube-related failures. Less fixing and firefighting translates to more creative time for maintenance. Use that time to bring more machines into the bearing lubrication program.

Additionally, with ultrasound you find many non-trendable defects. For example, broken or blocked grease pipes and incorrectly fitted grease paths prevent lubricant from reaching the bearing.

3.  Optimized MRO Spares Management

Your new and improved bearing lubrication program is delivering wins; better control of grease consumption, fewer failures, and more productivity for maintenance. Use this time to study trends and better manage your storeroom.

A decrease in bearing lubrication related failures should improve spares optimization. Share your ultrasonic lubrication data with your MRO Stores manager to create a plan to reduce the number of emergency parts on hand.

Since you're taking stock, why not shift some burden to your suppliers? Ask them to confirm your emergency parts against their own stock. If it can be supplied on the same day then it doesn't need to be on the balance sheet.

4.  Increased Number of Machines Monitored

One benefit of an effective lubrication program is time.

  • Time allotted to monitoring machines instead of fixing them.
  • Time allotted to correctly assessing the real needs for lubrication.
  • Time to look at the big picture.

Take for instance, criticality assessment. Many lubrication programs begin with small steps. All the "A" critical machines receive priority, rightly so. But what about the rest? With more time to plan, organize, and schedule, the number of machines acoustically monitored for optimal lubrication increases in step with your greasing excellence.

5.  Save Time. Combine Acoustic Bearing Lubrication and Condition Monitoring.

You worked hard for these results. It's time to use your data for more than just bearing lubrication.

Acoustic lubrication is the proven method to ensure precise bearing lubrication. New technology from SDT, LUBExpert, combines the power of onboard lubrication guidance with Four Condition Indicators for bearing condition assessment.

The time savings from assessing bearing condition during the lubrication process is beyond valuable and another sign your acoustic bearing lubrication program is on the right track.

6.  Inspector Confidence at an All-Time High

Reliable machines are the product of an effective lubrication program. You have:

  • Managed grease consumption
  • Fewer grease related bearing failures
  • Optimized MRO spares
  • More machines under watch
  • Increased data collection intervals

The power of adding ultrasound to your greasing program delivers win after win for reliability. Reliability breeds confidence. More confident inspectors making the right calls and inflecting a positive culture throughout the organization.

Are you ready to become a LUBExpert?

If you’ve noticed these 6 key indicators of a successful bearing lubrication program, then congratulations! Your lubrication program is on track, and you’re well on your way to becoming a LUBExpert!